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  • 本文档面向Rokid Glass的开发者,介绍了开发者如何在Rokid Glass上开发应用。(The document provides the guidelines for the developers to build the app in Rokid Glass)
  • 本文档包含了系统配置方法,Rokid Glass SDK使用文档。(The document includes the system settings, and the user guide for Rokid Glass SDK)

如何在Glass上开发App?(how to devlep app in glasses)

  • 开发者可以基于Rokid提供的SDK开发眼镜端App,或者用已有的Android App做眼镜适配。(The developers can build the app in the glasses with SDK or port the Android app into the glasses.
  • 眼镜适配方法(与Android手机上App的开发区别)(Porting apps into the glasses/Different from developing app in the smartphone):
    • Touch screen -> Touch pad:部分类型的控件需要自定义焦点控制。 (Touch screen -> Touch pad:some controls need to be customized for the focus control)
    • 有preview -> 无preview:真实世界不需要preview(具体可参考UI SDK)。 (With Preview -> No Preview: the preview is not nessesary in the real world.(UI SDK))
    • 相机映射alignment:相机世界需要映射到真实世界(具体可参考UI SDK)。 (Aligment between Camera and Display: mirror the camera prevew into the real world. (UI SDK))
    • Glass风格的UI:参考UI设计规范和UI SDK。 (UI for Glasses: UI guideline and SDK)
    • 如果需要使用系统AR投屏功能, 建议使用Android Camera2.0开发应用。 (Suggest to use Camera2.0 if developing the app with the feature of the system-level AR project)

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