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  • This document is aimed at the developers of Rokid Glass and introduces how to develop applications on Rokid Glass.
  • This document contains system information, development guide, Rokid Glass SDK usage documents and examples.
  • For detailed page jump, please click "Directory" in the upper left corner of gitbook.

2、System information description

Basic Information

name Introduction
AP Amlogic-S905D3
IMU 9 axis, support ROTATION_VECTOR
Camera The maximum resolution of photos is 3264x2448, and video is 1080p@30fps
GPS&4G Devices with a serial number starting with 082 support 4G and GPS, usage is the same as Android
Screen Resolution 1280x720, horizontal screen, 320dpi
Based on Android9.0 Development Tools AndroidStudio
interactive mode Touchpad, buttons, head control

3、Brief development guide

  • The difference between glasses development and Android development

    • Glass does not have a touch screen, only a touch pad. Some types of controls require custom focus control
    • It is recommended on Glass not to display the camera preview (preview), because AR glasses can see through the real world. For specific implementation, please refer to Camera Mapping
    • Glass style UI: Refer to UI SDK.
    • If you need to use the built-in AR screen recording function of the system and need to overlay the Camera preview as the screen recording background, please note:
      • App uses Camera API2 interface;
      • The Activity that needs to be superimposed on the Camera preview, and it needs to be broadcast when it is turned on. android.intent.action.CAMERA_WALLPAPER_START_PREVIE
* Send the broadcast ``android.intent.action.CAMERA_WALLPAPER_STOP_PREVIE``
  • Steps of glasses development:

    1. Create a new Android project, or rebuild based on an existing Android project.

    2. According to the development model of Android TV, use the Glass touchpad to control focus changes (refer to Touchpad key value description)。
      Congratulations! You can use your own app with the touchpad on the glasses!

    3. You can use the provided Basic SDK to develop the interactive mode of Glass voice and head control.

    4. According to the application scenario, you can select the corresponding function SDK to speed up development.

4、SDK introduction and download

Basic SDK

name Introduction
Glass UI 1. Provide a set of basic UI libraries for developing applications on Rokid Glass
2. The relationship between the real world and camera preview (Preview) and camera mapping (alignment)
Voice Interaction You can use the built-in voice assistant to control Rokid Glass by integrating offline voice sdk

Function SDK

Name Introduction
Face recognition offline Face recognition SDK access and interface description
Face Online Recognition Interface Specification and Use of Face Online Recognition
License Plate Recognition License plate recognition provides license plate detection + license plate recognition function

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