1.Introduction to IMU SDK

1.1 Overview

The SDK Provides the control IMU View that controls the horizontal sliding on Rokid Glass and the instructions for customizing the use of IMU functions

1. IMU View Control Provides a list control that can be automatically scrolled horizontally through the head control

2. IMU Function Customization Based on IMU custom head control related functions

2.Integration instructions and version information

Refer to the integration and version update of Glass UI

3.Function List

3.1 IMU View

3.1.1 Example of use

3.1.2 Instructions

Initialize in Application:
Specific use:
getLifecycle().addObserver(mImuView);//Lifecycle binding
mImuView.setSlow();//The default is fast sliding mode, setting here can be set to slow sliding mode
        app:imutouchstyle="true" />
Attribute configuration Meaning
imuscale Configure the zoom ratio of the selected item
imupadding Configure the spacing filled in the item to reserve space for zooming
imuspeed Configure the sliding speed of the uniform sliding mode
imuguide Configure whether to display the top navigation bar
imuunable The default is false, setting it to true will block the head control function of imu
imutitlewidth Configure the width of the default display template title
imulabmarginleft Configure the position of the upper left corner to indicate the distance between the lab and the left border
imulabmargintop Configure the upper left corner position to indicate the distance between the lab and the upper boundary
imutouchstyle Provides two sliding modes true: simulated touch sliding mode false: uniform sliding mode
imutouchinterval Configure the sliding speed of the simulated touch sliding mode
<declare-styleable name="imuview">
    <attr name="imuscale" format="float"/>
    <attr name="imupadding" format="dimension" />
    <attr name="imuspeed" format="integer" />
    <attr name="imuguide" format="boolean" />
    <attr name="imuunable" format="boolean" />
    <attr name="imutitlewidth" format="dimension" />
    <attr name="imulabmarginleft" format="dimension" />
    <attr name="imulabmargintop" format="dimension" />
    <attr name="imutouchstyle" format="boolean" />
    <attr name="imutouchinterval" format="dimension" />

3.1.3 Sliding mode selection

  • Configuration method: configure via imutouchstyle attribute.

  • Constant-speed sliding mode: The list slides at a constant speed, and each item will not have a pause effect. It is mostly used for faster scrolling of content, similar to a gallery.

  • Simulated touch sliding mode: Simulates the effect of manual touch sliding. After each item, there will be a pause effect, which is easy for users to see. It is the default sliding mode.

3.2 IMU Function customization

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