Offline facial recognition SDK

1. Introduction to FaceSDK

Description of the version number:

The first two parts (e.g. 4.16) represent version number of the algorithm, and last 2 parts (e.g. 3.3) represent version number of SDK.

1.1 Overview

Rokid FaceSDK provides basic facial detection, facial tracking, and facial recognition, and is capable of efficiently performing multi-person recognition. The underlying algorithm interface is packaged into this SDK, and this SDK provides:

  1. Facial detection in images and facial recognition in images
  2. Facial detection, facial tracking and facial recognition using camera preview data
  3. APIs for creating, reading, updating and deleting records in the face database
  4. Capability of obtaining information such as facial angles and facial quality
  5. Facial detection in single-frame images (facial detection using data in bitmap and NV21 formats is supported)

1.2 Business inquiries

If you are interested in our products, you can inform us of product requirements and contact information by email, email address: We will arrange someone to contact you.

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